About Me

Jamie Scott Picon is an executive chef and stage actor from Hillsborough County, New Hampshire. He is a graduate of Rhode Island's Johnson & Wales University. The Johnson & Wales University graduate recently marked 20 years of success in his career as a chef. For the past decade, he has also enjoyed similar success as an actor in various on-stage productions.

Outside of his professional endeavors, Picon has an array of hobbies and interests. Several of these hobbies have close links to his work as a stage actor, including body art, stage makeup, and improvisational theater. Elsewhere, his other interests include pets, gardening, and spending time in nature more generally.

Current Role & Duties

The executive chef has worked in and around the high-end food industry for over two decades. As an executive chef, he is responsible for the overall food operations of his establishments. He is also well-versed in managing kitchen staff, planning menus, estimating food requirements, and ordering ingredients and other supplies.

Jamie Picon is widely regarded for his expert ability to ensure that his kitchens run efficiently and that the exceptional standards for which he is known are always maintained. Just a selection of his many other responsibilities include:

● Catering to specialist dietary requirements

● Cost-effective menu creation

● Creating new dishes and recipes

● Developing and managing budgets

● Ensuring food safety regulation compliance

● Monitoring food quality and taste

● Negotiation with vendors and suppliers

● Supervising and training new kitchen staff

In and out of the kitchen, a lifetime of exposure to various cultures has furnished New Hampshire-based Picon with a diverse knowledge and experience of international cuisines and flavors. A lifelong lover of food and history, he is also a highly regarded expert in Medieval cooking techniques.

Meanwhile, as an actor, he is routinely involved in different productions. As a stage actor, he has appeared in various shows, including Sherlock Holmes: The Final Problem. As a screen actor, he has appeared in a number of short films, such as Lilia of the Valley. His theatrical makeup credits include productions of The Tempest and numerous other famous shows.

Career History

Chef Picon previously served as an instructor at a renowned specialty food producer in York, Maine.

The company launched as a homemade products stall at a local farmers market. It soon expanded into a widely recognized operation with customers in over 40 countries worldwide. The company is best known for its chutneys, cooking oils, jams, jellies, mustards, and grill sauces.

With a lifetime of exposure to varied cultures and his diverse knowledge and experience of international cuisine, he was closely involved in catering to the company's overseas customers. Meanwhile, and as an instructor specifically, he was responsible for presenting and teaching through his traditional, globally inspired menus.

Academic Background

Kings Park High School

Jamie Picon attended Kings Park High School in Kings Park, New York. The school is dedicated to academic, communicative, emotional, and social learning. It maintains a challenging, performance-aligned, and stimulating environment. It is an environment designed to maximize every available resource for its students, setting them on the path toward life-long learning.

Johnson & Wales University

After completing high school, Picon enrolled at Johnson & Wales University in Providence, Rhode Island. Founded in 1914, Johnson & Wales University is a private, accredited institution. In addition to its Providence campus in Rhode Island, it has a second campus in Charlotte, North Carolina.

The university is committed to investing in its students and their education to produce agile, real-world-tested graduates ready to enter highly dynamic workforces. Dedicated to authentic and purposeful learning, Johnson & Wales values intellectual curiosity and provides an immersive student experience thanks to its career-focused classrooms.

It is from Johnson & Wales University that he holds his Bachelor of Science degree in food service management.

Middlesex Community College

Picon has also completed theater study classes at Middlesex Community College in Middlesex County, Massachusetts.

Middlesex Community College offers a range of highly regarded dance, music, performing arts, and theater study classes. Some of the theater study classes provided by the school are a liberal arts degree, a liberal studies degree, an arts administration certificate, and technical theater certification.


Jamie Picon is a multi-award-winning professional, both in his capacity as an executive chef and as an actor. As a then-aspiring chef, he won his first culinary award on the day of his 17th birthday. This award was the first place in the Great Young Chef's Contest, held by TV chef George Hirsch and the Waldbaum's supermarket chain in Long Island, New York.

He has since won many other awards and achieved numerous similar accolades for his work in the kitchen and on the stage. For his work in the kitchen, these include a number of pieces of recognition for culinary innovation and diversity. He is also a two-time NSF Gold Standard recipient.

Charitable Involvement

Picon proudly supports a carefully chosen list of crucial charities, nonprofit organizations, and other good causes. Among these charities, nonprofits, and other good causes are various community-focused and volunteer-led initiatives.

The New York native is a keen proponent of the benefits of volunteering. The executive chef and stage actor frequently explores new opportunities for volunteering and other charitable involvement close to his home in Hillsborough County, New Hampshire, and the surrounding area.

Personal Life & Interests

Jamie Picon was born in Brooklyn, New York. He grew up between Brooklyn and the hamlet of Kings Park. Around an hour from Brooklyn, Kings Park is a census-designated place within Smithtown in Suffolk County, Long Island. It was here that he attended Kings Park High School.

In addition to his charitable efforts and work as an executive chef and actor, he revels in an ever-growing range of hobbies and other interests. Some of his many hobbies and personal interests are body art, comedy, herb gardening, improvisational theater, medieval cooking, pets, spending time in nature, stage makeup, video gaming, and writing.

He currently lives in the town of Hudson in Hillsborough County, New Hampshire, with his partner, Daniel.


Jamie Picon